Friday, September 30, 2011

31 day challenge: metallic

Day 8: Metallic nails! Guess who only has 1 true metallic polish!!! This girl.
and i'm not even 100% sure Light a Candle counts. lets take a look...
What I used: Nicole OPI Light a Candle, Essence 35 Movie Star

Blamo! stamping extravaganza! this my favorite stamp off of this plate - Konad m73
Do note how wonderfully-beautifully (yes that's a word) LaC stamps.
it's a one coater when not stamping. 

 Happy Stamps

 I wish i would have done this mani reverse of how i did it, 
but i wanted to paint most of my nails with a base of LaC since it was the metallic polish.
I think LaC is put to better use when being stamped, instead of the stampee. 
does that make any sense?

what i'm getting at is that Light a Candle is far the best stamping polish i have. hands down. 


Thursday, September 29, 2011

31 day challenge: Black and White

Day 7: i feel like i'm counting a prison sentence. and speaking of prison jumpsuits, black and white was today's color scheme.
 What i used: Sally girl white, SH Black Out,
L.A. Colors Art Deco black and white nail art brush.

These remind me of the Black and White cookies, from that Seinfeld episode.

If i had done these in green and white, they could have
looked like cheerleading uniforms...sorta.

Yay for black and white! i feed so mod.  

Thanks for reading, and for going on this 31 day, soul searching, nail journey with me.
haha! oh my! just kidding!

have a good day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Debunking the ridge filler rumor

Maybe you haven't heard this rumor but I definitely had:

"You can use Ridge Filler Basecoat as a matte top coat!"

This is Ridge Filler

L to R: Ridge Filler, Matte Top coat, Ridge Filler, Out the door top coat.

L to R: Ridge Filler, Matte Top coat, Ridge Filler, Out the door top coat.
click to enlarge, see for yourself! ewww

To me, putting ridge filler on your nails looks like you put
Elmer's Glue on your nails. barfatronic.

But, you be the judge.

31 day challenge: Lavender/Purple

day 6: Lavender/purple! Finally! I have TONS of purples. at least... 11. at least.
I decided to try an Ombre look including an accent nail. and then strangest thing happened...
See that glitter nail? it didn't start out that color.

It was almost the same color as the middle finger.

Then i put glitter over it. and it changed to a darker/brighter color.

Then when i put top coat on it (Out The Door) it changed again!
it almost turned NEON!
I have never had that happen to me.
i don't know if it was the polish i had on under it or the glitter it's self.
All in all a happy little ombre is what came out of this. :]
Honestly i was pressed for time on purple, and i feel like it deserves a second chance.
(being my favorite color and all) i'm thinking some sponging... and maybe a stamp or two?
any suggestions?

P.S. for my most favorite purple mani ever see the post before this one, i might have done that look again for the purple day, but i loaned out my matte top coat.

dear cute adorable lovelies...

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If you've already voted, thank you, thank you! I only need about... heh... 29 votes to pull ahead of the leader! i'd really appreciate it!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

31 day challenge: Blue

Day 5: Blue Nails! Now we're talking! I picked up Big Smoke at Ulta's buy one get one free sale on Butter London polishes, so i was dying to try it out.
I also picked up Revlon's Blue Mosaic at Target a few weeks ago, and hadn't tried it either. So what do you get when you combine two new, untried polishes?
Glitter gradient extravaganzaaaaa!!!

What i used: Big Smoke and Blue mosaic.
I think blue mosaic looks a lot like Gone Gonzo from OPI's Muppets collection.
not a dupe by any means but a close enough for me not to need both.
i love the green hex glitter in Blue Mosaic, it reminds me a little bit of DL Across the Universe.

I achieved this look by first painting all my nails with Big Smoke.
Then i painted about 1/3 down my nail with Blue Mosaic. 

Next i turned the brush sideways, and patted on the thinner lines going down the nail. 

Finally, I went back over the tips with more blue mosaic, to make sure they were very well covered.

I really do like making the glitter gradients. It's even more fun if you sponge on a shimery polish that has some micro glitter in it. yum!

Have you ever done a glitter gradient? what color/glitter did you use. link me!

Monday, September 26, 2011

PAA Moday Nail Art - Rockstar!

<3 <3 <3
When i heard this week's theme was "rockstar" i was excited and an idea popped right into my cute little head: glitter. lots of glitter. pink! with black, shiny shiny black!

Here's what i used: Milani Disco Lights, Wnw Tangled in my web, SH Black Out, L.A. Colors Art Deco black nail art brush.

Index finger: tape covered the pink glitter, black painted over top

middle finger: free hand black stripes painted over pink glitter.

Ring finger: pink glitter over black.
(this is the glitter i used on the rest of my nails, so i had to build it up(4ish coats) to be opaque.
not looking forward to taking that off!

look at that black shine!

Pinky finger: solid 4 coats of pink glitter, with 1 coat TIMW on top!

TA DA! i love the way it turned out. I haven't been this pleased with an idea in a while.
my favorite nail is probably the index finger. i hope to do a whole set like that soon.

what's your favorite nail?

31 day challenge: Green

Day 4: Green nails! boo hoo hoo! it's so sad to me that i have over 100 polishes now, and only 1 pitiful little green that i purposefully bought because i knew i didn't have any green polish.
This color really does remind me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
What i used: Sinful Colors Happy Ending  and Nubar 2010

Dance! my flakies, dance!

i've always avoided green nails because all i can think of is that
someone will ask me if i have some sort of nail fungus. sorry green. :[

Nubar 2010 is so lovely. sometimes it's yellow, sometimes green, orange, red? yes!

So there we have it. Green. Lets be honest, how many greens are in your collection?
and teals do NOT count :P

Sunday, September 25, 2011

31 day challenge: Yellow

Day 3, Yellow! not unlike red, and orange. i have very few yellows. 2 to be exact. the other is a super sheer jelly that would take about ... 12 coats to be opaque. hah not really, but i know it's more than 5. this yellow is essence 51 mellow yellow.
i love drawing these little leaves on my nails. very much inspired by these nails.

I did this mani last week or so when i still had two longs and two shorts. oops!

i don't love yellow nails, but i do like how the white design is subtle on them.

This was fun to do, and turned out cuter than i thought yellow would be.

Tomorrow is green! mean, green, fighting machines? maybe.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

31 day challenge: orange

Day 2, Orange! I don't know what's in my collection, but it isn't red, and it isn't orange. I borrowed these two from my sister also. i have an orange, but it reminds me of macaroni and cheese, and i hate it!!!

On the left is a discontinued CG polish called Pink Twinkle, but seriously, it's orange.
and it's a flakey! and it's awesome!
i don't have the name of the sinful colors one. because like i said, i borrowed it from my sister!

i really like the way pink twinkle looks in the bottle too.

Orange wasn't a very inspiring color to me, so i'm sorry this is a little lack luster in the 'art' department.
Yellow, please inspire me!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

31 day challenge: Red

Day 1 - red nails:
I have to admit i didn't own a red nail polish when i did this day's challenge, so i borrowed Silken Cord from my sister. I don't normally like essie and i don't normally like red. but it went on so well, and the end result was really gorgeous.