Monday, September 26, 2011

31 day challenge: Green

Day 4: Green nails! boo hoo hoo! it's so sad to me that i have over 100 polishes now, and only 1 pitiful little green that i purposefully bought because i knew i didn't have any green polish.
This color really does remind me of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
What i used: Sinful Colors Happy Ending  and Nubar 2010

Dance! my flakies, dance!

i've always avoided green nails because all i can think of is that
someone will ask me if i have some sort of nail fungus. sorry green. :[

Nubar 2010 is so lovely. sometimes it's yellow, sometimes green, orange, red? yes!

So there we have it. Green. Lets be honest, how many greens are in your collection?
and teals do NOT count :P


  1. I have three! A Sally Hansen lime green, a Sinful Colors green glitter and a forest green from Urban Outfitters called DJ, it is a very pretty color but the formula is meh.

  2. hah, wow 3! :] i've never tried any urban outfitters brand polishes. if it's the sinful colors green glitter i'm thinking about i've almost got one about 5 times. it looks so neat.

  3. I have Ulta's Jaded, and it's not fungus looking. I did have an electric green before, but I forget the brand. One of those major drug store cosmetics lines. I think it was "Go-Go Green" or something to that effect.

  4. I think I have about 5...but thats a very pretty green polish you have and it looks great with Nubar 2010!

  5. Marsha, i need a good jade polish! that counts as green right?

    Thanks! and thanks! I just saw that you re-bought 2010. HAH, it's that good!

  6. The Sinful Colors green glitter has gold in it too, it's pretty fantastic. I'll take a picture of the UO polish. It's a really unique color, which makes up for the crappy formula.

    Jade polish sounds kind of incredible and totally counts as green, haha.

  7. cool, i'd like to see them krista :D


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