Monday, September 26, 2011

PAA Moday Nail Art - Rockstar!

<3 <3 <3
When i heard this week's theme was "rockstar" i was excited and an idea popped right into my cute little head: glitter. lots of glitter. pink! with black, shiny shiny black!

Here's what i used: Milani Disco Lights, Wnw Tangled in my web, SH Black Out, L.A. Colors Art Deco black nail art brush.

Index finger: tape covered the pink glitter, black painted over top

middle finger: free hand black stripes painted over pink glitter.

Ring finger: pink glitter over black.
(this is the glitter i used on the rest of my nails, so i had to build it up(4ish coats) to be opaque.
not looking forward to taking that off!

look at that black shine!

Pinky finger: solid 4 coats of pink glitter, with 1 coat TIMW on top!

TA DA! i love the way it turned out. I haven't been this pleased with an idea in a while.
my favorite nail is probably the index finger. i hope to do a whole set like that soon.

what's your favorite nail?


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