Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"UNICORN FREAKING MAGIC!" was what i started thinking when i sat down to do my nails...Today's challenge from PCF spring challenge.
Slowly but surely i went through all my glitter, and picked out the best unicorn ones. then i picked out a pale pink, you know, cause that's what color unicorns are. then i thought, what if i did a chevron, that's sort of a unicorn horn shape? and I SORT OF forgot to add the glitter. (how do you forget about the glitter?!) but it's still magical to me. enjoy the fun....!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


GIVEAWAY - 3 winners!!!

1st place winner gets their pick between Color Club Back to Boho or All About Color
2nd place winner gets the full collection 1st place didn't pick 
3rd place winner gets 2 glitters from Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe 

 Enter below! See contest rules! May luck be on your side!!!

Loving ur Lavender! - PCFC

OR Lilac, whatever, whatever, i do what i want! okay, okay, okay okay. This... did not turn out how i wanted it to. but it turned out kinda funky, and fun. let me tell you what i did to make this fun little lilac mess.

Base color of Barry M Berry Icecream (best everrrrr!!) 

step two, take Julep's Anne and add some swipes.

step three mix together Anne with some white, add a few more random strokes.
step four is to realize it looks nothing like what you wanted, and throw some giant party flakies on top for good measure.

and thats how you get what i got! it's purple, it's lavender, it's lilac, its fun
and it's time to take it off. thanks for reading!!! :D

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashion inspiration to the max

Hello! I've had a bunch of fashion inspiration pics saved in my 'liked' section on pintrest for a while and finally decided to give one a try. i can not tell you who made the dress or anything about it, because it links back to a trumblr, and that is the most confusion blog site i've ever been on.

I LOVE the colors, did my best to pick some matching colors out of my polish collection.

Those triangles were a doozy!

fun stuff! not my best stuff, but it's always fun to try something different.
i'm always tempted to just do a half moon or paint some leopards on my nails, but these new outline or framed nails are a fun challenge!

Friday, February 17, 2012

PCFS: Tiny flowers

Today's challenge was tiny flowers! isn't that such a sweet idea?

I tried to use a tutorial for a new kind of little flower, but i was rushed for time, and couldn't get it to look just how i wanted it. the flower on my index finger came out the closest to being right.

pretty fun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PCFSC: Favorite Spring Pink!

Today i'm showing you my favorite spring pink. this is kind of funny, because i just bought this mini Orly at a bargain basement place, and the name is complete rubbed off! So it's my favorite, but i have no idea what the name of it is.
Place your bets and best guesses here folks! step right up to the comment box!!

Glass Pink's shimmer is so pretty! 
my nails are all different shapes, i know. i will work on it.

Base of the unknown Orly Pink, with a coat of Sinful Colors Glass Pink.
(I just picked up GP for 99 cents at walgreens, yay for sales and bargain basements!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

wacky tacky valentines nails

As part of the PCFC  Friday challenge, um last week... We had to a tacky valentines day nail art doohickey. Here's mine!!!
Being the increasingly busy person i am, i dialed back the wacky, since i knew i'd be looking at this one for a few days.  :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Randoms from my Instagram

Here's some of my nails that i put on instagram but i did not blog about due to lack of time! My husband and i just bought our first house and we've been busy to the max, and it'll only get busier! i hope to get some fun stuff up soon. i plan to do some nail art challenges from the Spring Challenge! (check that out cause it looks so fun!)
China Glaze - Skyscraper

Sally Hansen Nail stickers
(I got these for $3, and only used half of them to do both my hands!
three cheers for short nails!!!)

Some one please tell me what this trend is called.
i love it. and i love it even more in neon.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pretty little purple thing

I had a little fun the other day with stamping and some tape. Yes i have a bunch of new stamping plates, and yes i used the very first one i ever got that everyone uses, Konad m57. a classic? sure, why not.

Base coas of Orly Charged Up, the perfect purple jelly :)

but wait, what's that over Charged Up, it's CND Sapphire Sparkle, ooh ahhh!!

Okay then I taped off my sections, slapped on some black nail polish,
and then stamped my little heart out.

You don't really need to know this, but for the sake of good blogging i will tell you that i was inspired by a certain item from victoria secret to do these patterns/colors together. there. i said it. please tell me you've done this before too! 

PS. after i did my nails i realized i was out of acetone. so i went to buy some, and the store was all out. so this here is what you get when that happens. sorry for the mess!

PPS i'm selling some nail polish, among other things on ebay, check it out. fund my summer vacation.