Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fashion inspiration to the max

Hello! I've had a bunch of fashion inspiration pics saved in my 'liked' section on pintrest for a while and finally decided to give one a try. i can not tell you who made the dress or anything about it, because it links back to a trumblr, and that is the most confusion blog site i've ever been on.

I LOVE the colors, did my best to pick some matching colors out of my polish collection.

Those triangles were a doozy!

fun stuff! not my best stuff, but it's always fun to try something different.
i'm always tempted to just do a half moon or paint some leopards on my nails, but these new outline or framed nails are a fun challenge!


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  3. You "Nailed" this! It's like exact! Well done.

  4. I think these are awesome :D Really inspiring way you translated it onto your nails ;)


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