Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Loving ur Lavender! - PCFC

OR Lilac, whatever, whatever, i do what i want! okay, okay, okay okay. This... did not turn out how i wanted it to. but it turned out kinda funky, and fun. let me tell you what i did to make this fun little lilac mess.

Base color of Barry M Berry Icecream (best everrrrr!!) 

step two, take Julep's Anne and add some swipes.

step three mix together Anne with some white, add a few more random strokes.
step four is to realize it looks nothing like what you wanted, and throw some giant party flakies on top for good measure.

and thats how you get what i got! it's purple, it's lavender, it's lilac, its fun
and it's time to take it off. thanks for reading!!! :D


  1. thanks guys!!! i really thought it was a mess until i stepped back and looked at it... then i realized it was only sort of a mess when i wasn't squinting! :P

  2. This is so pretty! I also nominated you for some blog awards because I love reading your blog!

    post is here: http://aotnf.blogspot.com/2012/03/blog-awards.html


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