Monday, February 9, 2009

another good idea for an iphone app

It would work like shazam, except for movies, you let it listen to 10 seconds of the movie and it brings up a simplified IMDB listing, or a listing to rent or buy it in itunes probably too. they like to make money that way... 
think of the possibilities...
this could work for TV shows... come home to the end of your favorite show, shazam it, and up pops a link to watch it on hulu, OR buy it from itunes...
 But, maybe we're past this kind of technology with fancy DVR boxes, TVO, and cable that lists what you're watching on the bottom of your screen.
oh well, i'll keep thinking of bigger and better ideas.

Monday, February 2, 2009

a game i'd pay for

i can't find a good website to tell this to, so i'm just going to say it here. and maybe, if my dreams come true an iphone app developer will find this.

here's my idea for a game that needs to be made for iphone.

Fortune's Tower (from the game Fable 2)

it's just a simple card game, that is very addicting and i'm sure people would pay money for, if i knew how i'd make it myself.