Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years Nails! aka Human Disco Ball

Per Tara T. [On PAA] I set out to be a human disco ball. Here are the results of my madness, which will actually take me longer to get off than it did to put on. 

I used SH Black Out and a Cosmetic Arts unnamed glitter that is a dupe, or probably the exact same formula, just a different bottle, FOR Color Club Platinum Record.

Hope you have/had a safe and fun New Years! Hello 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Instagram: New years nails

Quick picture of  my [few-days-before] new years nails...
I will actually do a new mani for the big day, because I've had this on since Tuesday! :O
I'm thinking black, with sliver or gold glitter, and about 10 coats of OTD! yes!

( I used Barry M Gold Foil, and dotted with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White. I was inspired by the Holiday bag from H&M :P )

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Leopard is on the hunt...

...For presents! 

I'm short on time today, lots of xmas stuff to get done.
BUT I did paint my nails, please see below!

OPI Skull and Glossbones, SH Black Out, Sinful Color Envy,
Butter London Come to Bed Red.

OPI's S&G is my favorite white alternative. it's not as stark as white, and personally white polish ALWAYS CHIPS on my nails. just don't like it :/

I used my smallest dotting tool for the black parts, and a medium sized one (about ball point pen sized) for the colored dots. yay!

I want to mention that i was inspired by this mani from Victoriac. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

Well, I hope you enjoyed this one! I'm feeling even more festive than before, but I can't wait to do some new years nails!!! can you say glitter bomb?!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Poinsettia Power!

well it's the most wonderful time of the year, also the busiest, sleepiest and broke-iest. i haven't had much time for fun nail art lately, but tonight, i decided to drop everything and paint my little nails. (they really are little. the hot dry heat has made most of them crack.)

Barry M Gold Foil, Butter London Come to Bed Red, Essie Going Incognito, Essence Mellow Yellow

Ever since i did the rose tips a few months back i really wanted to try them as poinsettias. and it turned out great [good enough]! i feel so festive! [now that part is true]

I used my smallest angled nail art brush for the petals and leaves. 
and a small dotting tool for the yellow dots of course.

i did not practice these, but oddly enough the first one i did came out the best, my index finger.

for the thin lines that separate the petals i added green and red together, and used a long striping brush.

i hope you were inspired to try some christmas/holiday nail art of your own.
thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Most Festive Green?

Festive Green! that's today's theme... more from the 31 day Christmas challenge

 My most festive/christmasy green is Emerald City by Revlon. it's a Matte/Suede polish and the finish is beautiful! here's a little secret, this is the first time i've worn it, i got it for 99 cents on black friday. what up cheap nail polish!

i wasn't really sure if i should do any art with green.. or just green. but here's a quick swatch of Emerald City by itself, and then i added glitter...!!!

pretty pretty pretty. here is a rare glance at my right hand. the nails on my right hand are super long compared to my nubbins left hand. so i thought i'd show it off.

glitter gradient featuring Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. funny name for a nail polish. :/

double secret, this is the first time i've used Nail Junkie too. what the heeeeckkkkk... i quit counting my un-tried nail polishes. i know it's a high number, but i'm trying to use them! i am!

so that's day 9... Thanks for looking!

Snowflake sandwich!

Once again I'm doing today's challenge from the 31 days of christmas hullabaloo! 
Day 8 is snowflakes. Um, i sorta had high hopes for myself on this one since i just bought 6 sizes of dotting tools, and 5 new nail art brushes (yes! brushes that are actually for nail art instead of eyeliner, water colors or dog teeth brushing. okay i made that last one up.)

so lets see what i came up with! be prepared there are more layers than meet the eye.

What we have here is: SH insta dry Whirlwind White, Models Own Juicy Jules, Blush Blue, Barry M Blue Moon

Okay, here are the nails, i bet you're asking yourself, where did that holo glitter go!? it's between two layers of Blue Moon. sassy huh?

Now you're wondering, hmm that blush blue looks really dark, how does that fit in?
no? you weren't wondering that? well it's a super sheer polish, a jelly, if you will. and i layered it OVER the white snowflake art. it gave the art a subtle look. and i liked it!

the glitter sandwich gave it all a little bit of texture that looked pretty fun, sorta like snow clouds, with a hint of sparkle. 

blamo! there's my snowflake art. it was adorable while it lasted, but with all those layers, and a load of wet laundry in the washer calling my name, i took it off after i photographed it. so sad.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Candy Cane Time!

I'm doing my best to be a part of the Purple Crumpet  Fairy Challenge... that's a mouthful. it's called 31 days of Christmas. There is a list you follow, and you post new nail art every day, or corresponding art to whatever day it is. which is what i'm doing, and i've already missed 6 days! :O

today is candy cane day and here's what i did. i was totally and completely inspired by these, from chloe's nails.

I used SH Lavender Cloud, and Julep Brooklyn, and scotch tape cut into strips. also i used tweezers to take the tape off, and it was SO much easier than using your other hands finger nails (too dangerous!)

BTW, side note, that Julep polish dries ever so slightly  matte, you'd be surprised! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 5, 2011

A England - Lady of the lake!

Just a little swatch spam of my newest favorite polish! enjoy!

Lady of the Lake by A England