Thursday, December 8, 2011

Most Festive Green?

Festive Green! that's today's theme... more from the 31 day Christmas challenge

 My most festive/christmasy green is Emerald City by Revlon. it's a Matte/Suede polish and the finish is beautiful! here's a little secret, this is the first time i've worn it, i got it for 99 cents on black friday. what up cheap nail polish!

i wasn't really sure if i should do any art with green.. or just green. but here's a quick swatch of Emerald City by itself, and then i added glitter...!!!

pretty pretty pretty. here is a rare glance at my right hand. the nails on my right hand are super long compared to my nubbins left hand. so i thought i'd show it off.

glitter gradient featuring Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. funny name for a nail polish. :/

double secret, this is the first time i've used Nail Junkie too. what the heeeeckkkkk... i quit counting my un-tried nail polishes. i know it's a high number, but i'm trying to use them! i am!

so that's day 9... Thanks for looking!


  1. Gah. Emerald City is one of my top 5 favorites in my collection. Looks good with the glitter too.

  2. yeah, i didn't know how much better a polish would look when it's made to be matte, verses putting matte top coat over it! i have the red one too, love it!

  3. I LOVE THIS.. and i have both of these so I MUST try .. :)

  4. I picked up Emerald City really cheaply here yesterday too. Got it for £1.00! Haven't worn it yet either but it looks super pretty!

  5. I just picked this up again...nail junkie, because this bottle you have pictures here is very different than the nail junkie i had at home....its darker, more camelion looking, the one I have at home looks more turquise....It was weird, so I had to get the new bottle!

  6. wow i wasn't aware there was an old version of Nail Junkie. i think it's a pretty versatile polish, i'm glad i own it!

  7. Nail junkie is beyond amazing! Love this gradient too


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