Wednesday, February 1, 2012

pretty little purple thing

I had a little fun the other day with stamping and some tape. Yes i have a bunch of new stamping plates, and yes i used the very first one i ever got that everyone uses, Konad m57. a classic? sure, why not.

Base coas of Orly Charged Up, the perfect purple jelly :)

but wait, what's that over Charged Up, it's CND Sapphire Sparkle, ooh ahhh!!

Okay then I taped off my sections, slapped on some black nail polish,
and then stamped my little heart out.

You don't really need to know this, but for the sake of good blogging i will tell you that i was inspired by a certain item from victoria secret to do these patterns/colors together. there. i said it. please tell me you've done this before too! 

PS. after i did my nails i realized i was out of acetone. so i went to buy some, and the store was all out. so this here is what you get when that happens. sorry for the mess!

PPS i'm selling some nail polish, among other things on ebay, check it out. fund my summer vacation.


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