Monday, February 6, 2012

Randoms from my Instagram

Here's some of my nails that i put on instagram but i did not blog about due to lack of time! My husband and i just bought our first house and we've been busy to the max, and it'll only get busier! i hope to get some fun stuff up soon. i plan to do some nail art challenges from the Spring Challenge! (check that out cause it looks so fun!)
China Glaze - Skyscraper

Sally Hansen Nail stickers
(I got these for $3, and only used half of them to do both my hands!
three cheers for short nails!!!)

Some one please tell me what this trend is called.
i love it. and i love it even more in neon.


  1. I call it "outline", but I've also heard "rims" or "rimmed". I love it toooo! Great to camouflage wear when you're not ready to take off your base yet!

  2. okay thank you! i've been calling it outlines too. it's a little hard to paint on, but not impossible!


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