Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yeah I know it's Christmastime - lyrics

Because i can't find these lyrics on the internet anywhere, here they are. or here's what i hear at least.

"yeah, i know, its christmastime." by andrew dost (anathallo)

yeah, i know, its christmastime.
and i don't care, because, i don't ever get anything i want.
just loads of vidya games, all kind of stuff and bikes and toys i know i'll only play with once.
of course i'm kidding. i love this freaking day. in fact the whole month leading up to it is great.
the snow the skating rink, the christmas tree, hot chocolate oh baby baby baby i can't wait.

cause it's christmas time, and we're gonna celebrate.
on december 25th, yeah you better mark the date.

it's not often we're together, so lets enjoy every moment.
we'll laugh and talk and sing and maybe even dance to billy joel.
we'll walk for way too long, hold hands and gloves and not care that we're cold.

christmas is my favorite time of year. christmas is my favorite time of year.
and i know that it will be the best one that we've ever had. christmas is my favorite time of year.