Saturday, January 28, 2012

Feather mani Tutorial-ish

Per  a request on instagram here's a slight tutorial on how i did this feather mani. :)

I bought a bag of feathers that look like this at Hobby Lobby. You can probably find them at any craft store! they are really cheap too, for how many you get!

then you cut off the fuzzy part with some cuticle trimmers or i suppose 
regular-people scissors could work too.

now your feather looks like THIS! 

if you want you can put on a neutral color as a base for the feather and let that dry first! but i just put on some top coat on a naked nail and stuck on the feather immediately. then you can adjust it slightly with some tweezers if you need too. but don't move it around too much or it will get weird looking. :O

then I waited about 20 minutes and put two thick coats of Out The Door on top of it. The feathers seem to suck up the moisture in the topcoats. it looks weird at first, but just keep smothering it in top coat :D

There you have it! i hope you are inspired to try a feather mani of your own, or that you are inspired to try a new random object, and stick that to your finger nail! 


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