Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snowflake sandwich!

Once again I'm doing today's challenge from the 31 days of christmas hullabaloo! 
Day 8 is snowflakes. Um, i sorta had high hopes for myself on this one since i just bought 6 sizes of dotting tools, and 5 new nail art brushes (yes! brushes that are actually for nail art instead of eyeliner, water colors or dog teeth brushing. okay i made that last one up.)

so lets see what i came up with! be prepared there are more layers than meet the eye.

What we have here is: SH insta dry Whirlwind White, Models Own Juicy Jules, Blush Blue, Barry M Blue Moon

Okay, here are the nails, i bet you're asking yourself, where did that holo glitter go!? it's between two layers of Blue Moon. sassy huh?

Now you're wondering, hmm that blush blue looks really dark, how does that fit in?
no? you weren't wondering that? well it's a super sheer polish, a jelly, if you will. and i layered it OVER the white snowflake art. it gave the art a subtle look. and i liked it!

the glitter sandwich gave it all a little bit of texture that looked pretty fun, sorta like snow clouds, with a hint of sparkle. 

blamo! there's my snowflake art. it was adorable while it lasted, but with all those layers, and a load of wet laundry in the washer calling my name, i took it off after i photographed it. so sad.


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