Tuesday, September 27, 2011

31 day challenge: Blue

Day 5: Blue Nails! Now we're talking! I picked up Big Smoke at Ulta's buy one get one free sale on Butter London polishes, so i was dying to try it out.
I also picked up Revlon's Blue Mosaic at Target a few weeks ago, and hadn't tried it either. So what do you get when you combine two new, untried polishes?
Glitter gradient extravaganzaaaaa!!!

What i used: Big Smoke and Blue mosaic.
I think blue mosaic looks a lot like Gone Gonzo from OPI's Muppets collection.
not a dupe by any means but a close enough for me not to need both.
i love the green hex glitter in Blue Mosaic, it reminds me a little bit of DL Across the Universe.

I achieved this look by first painting all my nails with Big Smoke.
Then i painted about 1/3 down my nail with Blue Mosaic. 

Next i turned the brush sideways, and patted on the thinner lines going down the nail. 

Finally, I went back over the tips with more blue mosaic, to make sure they were very well covered.

I really do like making the glitter gradients. It's even more fun if you sponge on a shimery polish that has some micro glitter in it. yum!

Have you ever done a glitter gradient? what color/glitter did you use. link me!


  1. wow, this is sooooo pretty! the colors look great together!

  2. LOVE IT!!
    do you use a guide or something at your cuticles? they're always so uniformly clean.

  3. Thanks!!!
    @Marsha, nope i just try to stay away from them, and then clean up afterwards with a small brush and acetone. works wonders!

  4. sooo pretty! i'm stealing Big Smoke while you sleep!!

  5. Thank you, thank you!
    @paige, you can borrow it, don't be SILLY :P

  6. Gorgeous mani. I absolutely love blue polishes. :D

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