Sunday, September 25, 2011

31 day challenge: Yellow

Day 3, Yellow! not unlike red, and orange. i have very few yellows. 2 to be exact. the other is a super sheer jelly that would take about ... 12 coats to be opaque. hah not really, but i know it's more than 5. this yellow is essence 51 mellow yellow.
i love drawing these little leaves on my nails. very much inspired by these nails.

I did this mani last week or so when i still had two longs and two shorts. oops!

i don't love yellow nails, but i do like how the white design is subtle on them.

This was fun to do, and turned out cuter than i thought yellow would be.

Tomorrow is green! mean, green, fighting machines? maybe.


  1. do you use a pen to do the designs?

  2. it's LA Colors Art Deco polish. it's a super thin, long brush in very pigmented polish. i've tried to just use a regular brush, in regular white but it doesn't go on 'thick' enough to show up. i've wanted to try nail art pen but haven't purchased any yet.


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