Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 day challenge: Lavender/Purple

day 6: Lavender/purple! Finally! I have TONS of purples. at least... 11. at least.
I decided to try an Ombre look including an accent nail. and then strangest thing happened...
See that glitter nail? it didn't start out that color.

It was almost the same color as the middle finger.

Then i put glitter over it. and it changed to a darker/brighter color.

Then when i put top coat on it (Out The Door) it changed again!
it almost turned NEON!
I have never had that happen to me.
i don't know if it was the polish i had on under it or the glitter it's self.
All in all a happy little ombre is what came out of this. :]
Honestly i was pressed for time on purple, and i feel like it deserves a second chance.
(being my favorite color and all) i'm thinking some sponging... and maybe a stamp or two?
any suggestions?

P.S. for my most favorite purple mani ever see the post before this one, i might have done that look again for the purple day, but i loaned out my matte top coat.


  1. What glitter is this? It's so pretty!

  2. It's Barry M Lavender Hexograms. it's my favorite/most unique glitter. i love that its made up of little squares!

  3. sooo pretty. i seriously love square glitter

  4. i know! at the same time that i want to put it on everything, i'm trying to use it sparingly so it last forever! <3

  5. That is so weird! At least it turned out nice!


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