Friday, September 30, 2011

31 day challenge: metallic

Day 8: Metallic nails! Guess who only has 1 true metallic polish!!! This girl.
and i'm not even 100% sure Light a Candle counts. lets take a look...
What I used: Nicole OPI Light a Candle, Essence 35 Movie Star

Blamo! stamping extravaganza! this my favorite stamp off of this plate - Konad m73
Do note how wonderfully-beautifully (yes that's a word) LaC stamps.
it's a one coater when not stamping. 

 Happy Stamps

 I wish i would have done this mani reverse of how i did it, 
but i wanted to paint most of my nails with a base of LaC since it was the metallic polish.
I think LaC is put to better use when being stamped, instead of the stampee. 
does that make any sense?

what i'm getting at is that Light a Candle is far the best stamping polish i have. hands down. 



  1. I wish I had stamping supplies. These are great.

  2. you need to get some!!! i only have two plates, got them from amazon, on the cheap!

  3. do a post of a stamping lesson! all of this stuff is foreign to me. I look it up and I still don't know what's going on.

  4. Thanks Beanie!!!

    Good idea Marsha! Next time i do stamping i'll do a little tutorial. :]


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