Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 day challenge: Rainbow

Day 9: Rainbow nails. After many attempts of a rainbow mani on MY nails, some paper, dog nails, cat nails, anything that was nail shaped, i discovered. i don't like the colors in the rainbow. i tried, french tips, dots, sponging... and finally i ended up with this total catastrophe. 
FAIL!!! *shudders* barf.

Then my older, wiser, and more cat loving sister walked into my room and suggested i try a pastel rainbow. with the help of her ulta brand teal nail polish, and a few more random pieces of paper painted... we came up with a killer rainbow. actually, it's quite calming.... we came up with a rainbow worthy of a unicorn's birthday. or something like that. 

What i used: Essie Haute as Hello, Essence Mellow Yellow, Ulta Mint Condition, Barry M Turquoise (looks blue to me though) and Barry M Berry Ice Cream. (best EVER)

SHAZAM! rainbow! in yo face!

I love it so much, i almost painted my right hand :P 
That's right, i haven't been painting my right hand for these challenges. so bad. so so bad.

My first bottle of Nail Envy is making my nails long and strong, see?!

So that's my version of a rainbow on your nails, i hope you like it! and thanks for reading! :D


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