Sunday, October 2, 2011

31 day challenge: Gradient

Day 10: Gradient Nails! mhm mhm! I got my Nail Mail from Germany just in time. it included two sets of the Essence nail art twins. One of the sets being bella and edward (love the nail polish, hate the movie/book/whatever). i was super tempted to use Edward (the glitter) as an accent nail...but this mani is about gradients, not glitters. SO i stayed strong :P
What i used: KleanColor 142 Pastel Teal, Ulta Mint Condition, Essence 06 Bella.
Has anyone else noticed that Kleancolors dry incredibly slow!?? i've never used them for a tape mani so i never really paid attention, but, it took at least an hour to not leave fingerprints. 

So my base color was the Pastel Teal, then i did a half moon mani over it with Mint Condition.
Then i taped off the rest of the nails, and did the tips/ other 3rd of the nail in Bella.

Sometimes i wonder if there are some smaller circle stickers out there
to use for the half moons.

my pinky is so narrow you almost don't see the curved shape from the sticker.

So normally when i paint my nails i leave a window open, and put a fan in the window to blow some fresh air in. well this weekend a cold front blew through NC, (highs in the 50's) and let me just say that if this is an indication of what's to come this winter, i'm going to be doing my nails in a winter coat, and fingerless gloves! BRRR!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Lovely.. The 3 shades goes really well together. :)
    I have no idea if all Kleancolors takes that long to dry ... :S..
    I only own those "Crack" ones and they dry rather quickly but you can't really compare those to regular polish. :P


  2. Thanks! Yeah i think the crackle polishes all dry pretty quick, at least the ones i have do. :]


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