Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring is in the air... and on my nails!

It's spring! and there's nothing you can do about it! i'm shouting it from the rooftops! and by rooftops i mean my nails. cause let's face it, i don't shout anything.

Here's a little background on this mani. Whenever I don't have leopard print on my nails, I want leopard print on my nails. and whenever I do have leopard print on my nails, I like it that way, and I'm happy all day long. DEAL WITH IT.

So this is my RIGHT hand, meaning, yes, I have acquired the skills to paint leopard print with my non dominate hand. pure talent right there. (jk, painting weird squiggly lines is my left hands specialty)

fun fun fun fun. I painted my left hand with more muted/dusty colors. and I like it better. maybe.
I added a matte topcoat to all of these of course! with such dainty little colors, they looked weird glossy... they were just asking to be mattified. ("oh pleeease, Joy! make us matte! we promise we'll look good, you don't need to smother us in Out The Door to hide our flaws!") or something like that...

Okay, that was my quick little nail update. back to packing, moving, and general polish scheming.  (i'm working on making my very first franken polish. but it's adding up to be quiet the investment...)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


...and the winners are!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 cent nail polish!!

Hey girls!! i just want to alert you to some (basically) free nail polish!
this month you can try the Julep Maven box for a penny! the best part is you can cancel after one month ;) I'm still a maven, and skip most months, but i've gotten some fabulous polishes.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Purple strokes and glitter

if you don't know this about me yet you must be new to the blog. purple is my favorite color of all time, space and matter. yeah thats right, matter. Also, second thing you need to know, there's always room for glitter.

I had tons of fun doing this little gradient. I started out with the nails completed covered in Anne by Julep. then i took a very soft eyeliner brush, the angled kind, and made fun little strokes with Berry Icecream by Barry M. best! before i did the second and third coats i did the same thing but with Oscar by Julep, to add some sparkle! then 2 more coats/strokes of Berry Icecream. (that's really a great polish name, no?)

seriously fun, because there is no wrong way to do this. try it out!


Berry Icecream, Anne, Oscar

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