Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep Maven box

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of Juelp, and their Maven program.
I signed up aug 12th and received by box aug 18th.

So here's my Julep box!
this is a bag, in a box. I got the "american beauty" style.

3 polishes (8 mL each), two samples, and a full bottle of hand scrub, works really well!

From L- R
Alfre, a silver/purple/metalic, and Cameron, what i consider to be the perfect pink!
Also the third one is a conditioning base coat called Nail Therapy,
I'm super excited about the base coat, I needed it!
(before you become a maven, you take a style quiz and it asks you the condition of you nails and hands, that's how they decide what to send)

I've already used the base coat several times, and it goes on very well, dries fast.
I used the pink, Cameron, and it goes on just as nice as my Butter London polish.

The box is a $40 value, normally you pay $19 per month, and it's delivered to your door. I used a special coupon and got all this for $4.99 including shipping.
Even if you only want to try it once it's a great deal!
Here's the coupon i used (smh9oxu), hopefully it still works for you. :D

P.S. I'm told you can cancel at anytime, but i haven't been able to find that on their site, any help?


  1. I signed up for their Maven program as well. And got the American Beauty style. Have not received my order yet though.

    On this page, I see the option to cancel. You'll have to login first of course.

  2. so weird, i'm logged in, and when i go to that page it tells me to log in again! i should just email them. Thanks for helping though!

  3. oh can't wait for mine to arrive this week! I got the same package! And, I know I've seen it under the account section..let me see.. ok, once you login, go the very bottom and click on "my account". one of the pink boxes half way down the page is "cancel" along with pause, etc. hope this helps!

  4. i finally figured it out! i have to click from the link in the email that asks if i want to cancel, pause or do a new shelf pull. that's the only way i've found so far. oh well, at least it worked! thanks for your help!


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