Thursday, August 25, 2011

Purple Gradient + Stamping!

This weeks PAA monday nail art challenge was "creative layering". I started out thinking, "glitter sandwich!!!" but after a few test nails, it was clear that just wasn't going to happen for me. at least not happen and look good. 

So here's what i came up with, a gradient, starting with Barry M Berry Ice Cream. (one of my all time favorite colors btw) then using the sponging technique i added a layer of some random mid range purple and finished it all off with a layer of Sally Hensen 08 Deep Purple.
Then I did a little stamping with konad  plate m57.
My nails were looking very layered, and I just couldn't stand to have a gradient, leopard print stamping, and super glossy nails... so i matteified? mattyfied? MATTIEFIED it!
i love the results! (and i don't even like leopard print O_o)

Berry Ice Cream

white dots from the matte topcoat, eventually went away

index finger is an odd shape due to a freak x-acto knife accident at work...

i really love that purple....<3

PS. all of your comments on my giveaway (which is still going on) are hilarious! i have awesome readers :D


  1. I'm still oogling your manicure! It's amazing, great creativity:)

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! its posts like this that make me want a matte top coat =P

  3. thank you thank you! this is probably my favorite matte mani that i've ever done.

  4. Looks awesome! I especially love the matte finish!


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