Friday, August 26, 2011

New polishes! Color club + Blush

My sister Paige and I ventured to Ross today in search of Color Club and Blush (Disco Diva set) after seeing it on Another bottle of Polish i just HAD to have it, and i found it, for 3.99! 

Color Club starry temptress 7.99 at Ross, found it next door at TJ maxx for 5.99. oh well! 

Disco Diva by Blush (3.99) and Metallic Collection (2.99 but they actually just looks like glitters) 

i couldn't find a name on this one, but it was .99 cents so i got it.
it's a pretty silver/purple/grey/ with some sparkles.

EDIT: upon further research i think that last color club is Ms. Haute. :D


  1. nice finds!! our stores out here never have the color clubs!

  2. Thanks, yeah i had no idea you could get them near me, but it turns out you can! i'm pretty happy about it :)

  3. Yaaay! Did your Disco Diva polishes need thinning as well? Mine all needed some balls and thinner. I'm so glad you were able to find them!

  4. i haven't tried them on my nails yet, just a piece of paper and they seem VERY jelly, so i may buy some thinner for them. thanks :]


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