Monday, March 12, 2012

Purple strokes and glitter

if you don't know this about me yet you must be new to the blog. purple is my favorite color of all time, space and matter. yeah thats right, matter. Also, second thing you need to know, there's always room for glitter.

I had tons of fun doing this little gradient. I started out with the nails completed covered in Anne by Julep. then i took a very soft eyeliner brush, the angled kind, and made fun little strokes with Berry Icecream by Barry M. best! before i did the second and third coats i did the same thing but with Oscar by Julep, to add some sparkle! then 2 more coats/strokes of Berry Icecream. (that's really a great polish name, no?)

seriously fun, because there is no wrong way to do this. try it out!


Berry Icecream, Anne, Oscar

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