Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 cent nail polish!!

Hey girls!! i just want to alert you to some (basically) free nail polish!
this month you can try the Julep Maven box for a penny! the best part is you can cancel after one month ;) I'm still a maven, and skip most months, but i've gotten some fabulous polishes.

if you want to try it out here's my refferal link!!!!

and be sure to use the code SHAREONMARCH


  1. Thank you :)
    Do we send back the polish after we cancel?

  2. Nope. you get to keep it! :)

  3. Really? OMG *-* I don't think that Julep is in Spain but it would be amazing, nice idea!! really nice idea!
    By the way, I follow you now because your blog is really nice and I would like to do my nails as you hahaha.
    Have a nice day


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