Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Water Marble

Day 20: Water Marble... wow. this was a terrible mess! i almost did a dry marble, just because i knew how much cleaner that would have been. but i wanted to stay true to the challenge and do a water marble. keep reading to see why i hate water marbles.

okay, last time i did water marble i didn't tape up my fingers. this time i did, and i was hopeful that it would come out better!

all taped up, tape, cup, polishes ready to go!

pour the polish in the cup, room temp water, i did swirl these, just forgot to take a pic.

time it takes to dip fingers in water: less than a minute. time it takes to clean it up... lost track.

What I used: Barry M Turquoise, Kleancolors pastel pink, Essence Mellow yellow

the biggest problem was the water causing bubbles on my nails.

it did that to my thumb so badly it never dried properly and i had to take
it off and just paint some stripes of the colors on there...

 i like how the index finger shows a purple color, but i didn't have any purple in the cup... pink + blue = purple. not my plan, but okay.

re is no rhyme, reason, order, safe zone, or boundaries to water marbles, everything just goes everywhere and does whatever it wants. that is not my style. i like clean lines. i like crispness! 

have you tried a water marble? was it a failure or a success? 


  1. It came out great ..... I have done water marble once ..... I used vaseline instead of the tape and it was not too hard to clean up ....

  2. I love the colours you used, it looks like a sweet! Also, how do you get your photos so amazing- do you use a light box?

  3. that's insane! but pretty. :)
    how would you accomplish a dry marble?

  4. @Alice Thanks, and I do use a light box, and color correct (or try my best to) the photos in photoshop. :)

    @Marsha a dry marble is the same concept, except for you mix the colors on a piece of plastic wrap or plastic bag. let it dry, peel off, lay over your nail, and trim up the edges. sorta like how the nail art sticker things work.

  5. Ahhhhh water marbling is so hard. Wanna see my first's comical.

  6. i think we ALL have a water marble disaster story :\ lol

  7. So true... next time, VASELINE!

  8. I’ve featured your beautiful nail art design on my recent post “50+ Spring & Easter Nail Art Ideas & Inspiration” here:

    I can’t wait to see what you make next! If you create any more looks like this that you think fall into the Spring and or Easter category, post links on my Facebook wall or comment on the post and I’ll add them and the links in the post! Keep up the great work!

    <3 The Sparkle Queen


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