Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Galaxy

Day 19: Galaxy nails! I don't know who thought up the idea to put a galaxy on your nails, and make it a 'thing' to do to your nails, like french tips, and half moons, but i'm cool with it. Galaxy nails are fun. they're creative, and can pretty much look like anything. now that's my kind of mani! 
What I Used: SH Black out, KC Pastel Blue, POP beauty nail glam Ultraviolet, Ulta Alter Ego, KC Pearl Silver, Two-way nail art pen. PHEW!

Go go galaxy arms! i almost put holo glitter over the whole thing, i tried it on my thumb, but i just didn't like it.

I know you're supposed to put in a picture for refference, but i sorta used all the pictures if galaxies on google images, a few different actual manis, and my imagination. so that's that. :)


  1. OH! I love your first attempt...this is so so cool!

  2. Thanks! looking back, i wish i would have added a touch of yellow!


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