Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 day challenge: Tribal Print

Day 16: Tribal print! I usually avoid tribal print, for whatever reason. i like it on other people, but couldn't see it being cool on me. plus, it looked tedious, and other excuses i used to never try it.
Thank you 31DC, you have yet again opened my eyes to an untried nail art style that i now love. 

What I used: LA colors nail art brushes (black and white) Finger Paints Purple Pinstripe (just got that today on sale for 50% off the price you see! $1!) and the nail art pen from rite aid. i'm so fancy.
Okay, this was my very fist attempt at a tribal print. i looked at other mani's for inspiration.

still getting the hang of my nail art pen.

side note: i did this mani today while watching The Santa Clause 2. is it Christmas yet?

Tribal print was super fun and it really is open to many interpretations. I used Purple Pinstripe with it because it's fall, and i just got it, and i've been wanting cream dark purple polish for ever! (at least 2 months :P) but anyway, i love the tribal print manis with brighter colors a lot, and I can't wait to do another one and go crazy with colors!


  1. This looks so cool!! I wanna give this design a try! Thanks for the inspiration : )

  2. I need some striper polishes! This looks great x

  3. ♥ this!


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