Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Glitter!

Day 17: Glitter! oh boy! right before is started taking pics for this i let out a maniacal laugh. something like this... bwahahah.... oh geez. i don't know what i was thinking. Martha Stewart craft glitter... oh yes...

What i used: Revlon Starry Pink, KleanColor Pastel Pink, and yes, Martha Stewart large hex craft glitter.

whammy! this is so silly.

The reason i did glitter day in pink is because this weeks PAA Monday challenge is pink nails for breast cancer awareness month. two birds, one stone.

this glitter is nuts! i actually bought it to franken with but.. it all sank to the bottom.
I figured it would be easier to just put them on top myself.

i layered starry pink over pastel pink just so it wouldn't take so many coats to be opaque, and to make it a little pinker, because starry pink is sorta grey/purple.

well, was this enough glitter for you? i showed them to my dad and he said,
"why didn't you do them all like that?" @_@

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