Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 day challenge: Stripes

Day 12: Stripes! Stripey stripe stripe! BAH! stripes were so uninspiring to me, and i can't figure out why. this one was truly a challenge. i ended up doing a variation on stripes that i've always wanted to try but never did.

What i used: LA Colors nail art brush white, Essence nail art twins Chuck.
(i don't know who chuck is?)

Triangles and stripes.

I think the thumb may be my favorite nail. or the index finger

ring finger kind of reminds me of mummies. 

Chuck is really a very pretty blue/purple. really nice on it's own, without it's twin/partner/pal.

It's hard to say this is my favorite mani, but i'm glad i tried it, and  i could use some practice. 
also, the longer i used my nail art brush the thicker/gooier it got, and the harder it was to work with! :[
that was kinda weird, it may need some polish thinner in it. 

PS. I did a few attempt at this, and the first mani came out looking like pajamas! why oh why!?


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