Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 day challenge: Animal Print

Day 13: Animal print! What a fun category, open to so many different prints.
i mean... there are tons of animals. Somehow though, I think what the
31 Day challenge meant was 'leopard or zebra'.

I'm a fan of thinking out side of the box, I would have loved to have done tortoise shell, snake skin, or fish print (print? scales? colors?) anyway. i decided to go with the traditional leopard print (freehanded!) because i had never tried it before, and leopard isn't really my thing, so i thought i'd probably never do it again.

What I used: Barry M Berry Ice Cream, Essence Movie Star, Barry M Turquoise

So this was my first time doing leopard print on nails. i practiced on paper for a few days.

It's totally different to draw/dot on paper and on the nail. on the nail your get all careful,
and the polish doesn't want to come off of the stick...!!!
(i used the pointy end of one of those to do the outside lines.)

I'm proud of how these turned out for my first try, and i like the color combo a lot!
I still don't know if leopard print is 'my thing' but i think it would be fun to do these
in neon colors (yes i know neon is ridiculous) next summer.
i also love the leopard print with gold/red, haha and i'm thinking christmas leopard is on his way to my town.....!!! oh no. i'm a leopard print convert.


  1. ooh i love this. i really want to try these colors too!

  2. thanks! i'm going to have to do more for sure!

  3. You made it look so easy! I keep wanting to do this but I'm such a perfectionist I worry that I'll never like it!

  4. at least try it on paper first, i was afraid i'd mess it up too, it seemed so hard until i tried! yay!!

  5. Really like this, thanks for sharing! I love Barry M polish, might need to get that blue as I have most of the other ones :)

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  7. i'd love to have... all Barry M's ever. i'm workin on it, one swap at a time ;)

  8. I would love to see turtle... but this is great too :)

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