Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Day Challenge! ITS OVER

Day 31: recreate a favorite challenge. I decided to recreate stripes and dots! I really like this look, and i think that the style goes great with pastel/soft colors. So since I recently received Barry M Peach Melba and hadn't tried it yet this was a NO BRAINER..... Brainzzz (sorry zombies on my mind)

What I used: Barry M Peach Melba, White nail art pen (for dots) brush (for stripes)

This makes me happy, i know it's very spring-ish, but it's so cute!!

My husband said this is his favorite design so far! wow!

Can you believe it? i can't!! i painted my nails a different way, each day, for 31 days....O_O WOW. okay, time for a little break!! 
Thanks for reading, and i hope you were inspired or at least liked some of my designs. :D


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