Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a tutorial

Day 30!!!! Inspired by a tutorial! I started out using Kayla Shevonne's Peakcock tutorial which is really fantastic, btw. but then i found SuPa Nail's peacock nails. I ended up being inspired by a little bit of both. and i think the results were pretty good. i want to try this again, it could get really good at them if i keep practicing!!! right?!??! :D:D:D

What I Used: Barry M Turquoise, Berry I/C, OPI DS Reflection, blue, purple and white 2 way nail art pens

hah i didn't mean to put the watermark right overtop of that nail, i wasn't paying attention when i did that one i guess! :P

so yeah these are not your typical peacock feather colors. but i loved the way they looked on Supa Nails blog. 

Its my new (only) DS polish!!!

Only 1 day left. tomorrow i have to recreate my favorite challenge, I have no idea which one was my favorite!... have to do some thinking. 


  1. I love this design!! Its so creative. I wish there was a real peacock with these colors of feathers. :D

  2. thanks! and wouldn't that be nutso? :D


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