Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a pattern

Day 27: Inspired by a pattern. I did delicate pattern, tribal print, fashion (a pattern, pretty much) and now a regular pattern. my goodness, i was stumped. so i picked a new color i haven't tried and searched for a print that was already that color. (i just got a ton of new nail polish due to many swaps, my birthday, and my birthday again. Ulta giftcards for the win!) 

 I used Barry M Indigo (it's a little more purple in real life) and a light blue nail art pen.

my husband painted this on himself. i guess he was tired of seeing me have all the fun. right? or maybe the fumes went to his head?


  1. I love this mani, you did an amazing job with the pattern... LMAO your husbands nail art it hillarious!!! creative :-P

  2. Your mani is gorgeous, I really like it. And I *love* that your husband tried nail art himself! LOL

  3. Thanks!!! I just got that new nail art pen, and it's WAY different from my other one, so i'm still getting the hang of it!


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