Sunday, September 11, 2011

Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia

Hello Again! I searched high and low (okay i went to two Targets) for this polish! and i finally found it! FoF is a wonderful black jelly polish with Fuchsia hex glitter, and smaller little glitters too. Some people just put it over a black base, but i built this one up, about 2 regular coats. it could use one more coat if you really want to make sure you didn't miss any spots. This is my first ever Revlon polish and i had no issues with it! it was good purchase!

Index finger is nubbin' it... oh well..

 Glare ... No glare

This weeks purchases! i'm excited to use each and every one of these :]
What'd you buy this week?


  1. i almost bought a wet n wild fast dry pinkish & top coat combo pack but ended up getting Confetti in "Moonstruck." Had to look for bargains this week.
    Anyway, it's a grey-ish purple and it's prettier than it sounds. I put it on my toes!

  2. I had to look that one up, but its a really pretty color, especially for fall!


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