Monday, September 12, 2011

PAA Moday Nail Art - Candy!

This Monday's Theme was candy inspired. I wanted do something not too obvious, so i asked my sister what her favorite candies were for some ideas. she said she liked Peanut Butter Bars, and we happened to have some in the house, so that's what i went with! It was pretty easy, except for that star... D:

I used Juelp - Olivia, China Glaze - Knotty, and Essence - Mellow Yellow

So all in all, it's not beautiful, but possibly cute. and i had fun, and...
that's what i'm all about. 
What's your favorite candy? and how on earth would you translate it to nail art?
(mine is chocolate turtles...soo...haha)

BT-DUB, i know i said i was going to do the 31 day nail challenge, but then.. then i bought 7 new polishes, and i really want to try them all. So i'll start that back up once i've swatched them all. :D

THANKS FOR READING !!!!!! rainbows! hearts! glitter! unicorns!


  1. cute mani and those peanut butter bars are good!

  2. yeah they are! i had to eat one when i was all done with the picture taking :]

  3. Peanut Butter Bars are delicious. I like chick o'sticks too, they are similar. :)

  4. heck yes! that's the only other candy we had in the house. but i don't like orange. :P


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