Tuesday, January 20, 2009

snow, snow, snow, snow, SNOW!

happy snow morning. I can't tell but i think its still snowing. and i'm still not going to work. seems to be the best time to "BLOG" as they say, when you're playing cutsies from work.
I was expecting a pitiful dusting like we got today, but i'm surprised it's made the roads bad. i guess since it has been cold here the past week the ground was frozen or something... But i would have really liked about 5 inches of snow, maybe a foot!! is that too much to ask north carolina? you did it when i was young, so do it again!

i was thinking, i should make it a tradition to leave up my christmas stuff until the first snow after christmas. because then i can pretend i'm having a white christmas. good idea right? or at least take a picture of the tree with open windows showing snow outside, use it for next years card? maybe? nah? to deceitful? ha! i laugh in the face of deceit!

yeah so anyways......


oh yeah let me mention, since this day is "historic",  it's Obama day. thanks to the snow i'm home watching. WHOA, it's like a blizzard outside right now. the flakes are too small though. um, yeah, so obama on TV. i didn't vote for him, but i hope he does something right for america. or at least doesn't mess anything up too bad.

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