Thursday, January 15, 2009

sick from work, home.

i'm sick at home today, so i figured i would write a blog and find out what it's like to blog for a living.
so far it's 10 o'clock and i haven't come up with one good blog, eaten a well balanced meal or put on any real clothes. i took norma the dog out for a poop though, which wasn't very fun since i didn't have on 'real' clothes, and it's 'real' cold outside.
In a little while i might find out what it's like to play video games for a living. In my head i've already been mapping out new routes to try in the sewer system level on left 4 dead. And justifying buying some new clothes and a new sword on fable since i can make good money chopping wood, for now. i think i'm a level 3 chopper, pretty impressive, right? Wow, my video game characters are way more awesome than i am, this is a sad time in the life of joy. They can shoot zombies with extreme accuracy, help heal people, find long lost children in wells, get married, and even use magic. oh yeah and chop wood.