Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 15: Delicate print. I was going to do this days challenge with a stamp. a cute, easy, intricate little stamp. unfortunately, i was trying to use the kind of stamp that only goes in a small straight line over the tips of your nails. (see here) I wasn't able to get them straight, i tried, and i tried. I had planned to keep trying, and to perfect it this afternoon on my day off early from work. BUT my husband fell down some stairs at work while carrying a heavy box. needless to say i spent my afternoon in an urgent care waiting room. (he's okay, just some locked up joints) 
All that to say, this is what i came up with instead! Sorry for the novel!

What i used: white nail art brush/pen from rite aid, Catrice Lost In Mud 

I bought the nail art pen for today's theme, and another idea for a mani i have. i thought it would make nail art super easy, since drawing with a pen is easy, so drawing on nails with a polish pen should be easy, right? wrong! i need lots of practice with this little buddy!

i don't know how delicate this is, but it was hard to do!

I was lost in dat mud.

I am GLAD that tomorrow is Saturday, AND i'm excited to have a lot more time to do tomorrow's theme, and hopefully get caught up (or at least practice) on the next few days themes. 
Thanks for reading!!!!

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  1. this is quite cute, but with the pen practise makes perfect so just keep using it, am trying to follow you but it won't let me : ( loll i really like all your nail art and am enjoying seeing what you come up with for this challenge : )


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