Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Day Nail Challenge: inspired by a song

Day 22: Inspired by a song. This is one of my favorite videos, and a really great song! i love all the bright colors shapes, and movement. Because of all the gradient in color i knew i wanted to use sponging. and because of all the crisp lines i knew i also needed to use tape.

What I used: Julep Cameron, Nabi Lavender, CC Red-ical Gypsy (har har), CC New Bohemian, Essence Chuck, Essence Mellow Yellow, Sally girl white.
Ring finger sorta looks like boba fett.

Silly me. i had ran out of tape...and things got... complicated.

But i made the most of it!

I think the pointer and pinky are my favorites.

I am totally and completely disappointed in myself on this one. :( i redid my middle finger about 6 times, and by the last time it was approaching 11 pm, and i was like "screw it!" Sorry. but... manicures shouldn't take 5 hours. (there was a trip to Target (Bubble wrap!) somewhere in there, but i know that only took half hour.)

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