Thursday, October 20, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by fashion

Day 25: Inspired by fashion! In case you don't know... fashion isn't my favorite thing in the world to keep up with. But someone i do keep up with is Nicki Minaj (super stoked about her OPI collection BTW). She wore a CRAZY outfit at Fashion Week this year. she was picked on by some, but i say it's just Nicki being Nicki. while i admit the outfit is over the top, it was very easy to be inspired by. Here's Nicki!!!

(get it gurrrl)
What i used: SH Sun Kisses, Essie Jelly Apple, Essence Mellow Yellow (i need a new yellow) Sally Girl White, SH Blue It, SH Black Out

I was mostly inspired by the last 6 rows of pom poms. (that's all that would fit :P)

I am NOT crazy about this color combo, but i had to stay true to fashion, right??

I wonder if Nicki would be proud?

haha, anyway that was fun. this would be a cute design with more colors, different colors, maybe a cool contrast-y color under it. i may be inspired by this look again. :)


  1. Oh Nicki would not only be proud I think she'd be jealous! Very cute! :)

  2. Beautiful! Must take alot of patience to achieve that!
    Love it :)

  3. Thanks Amber!

    I sort of flew through this mani, due to time constraints, so it didn't take that long. BUT if i wanted all the little dots to be exactly the same size...oh man, TONS of patience! hah! i don't know if i could have handled having more time to do it in!!!!


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