Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a color

Day 21: Inspired by a color! Today is sort of a funny day, i was inspired by a color, but inspired to do fancy, party, birthday nails, in this color! ...because it's my birthday weekend!!! My friend Lauren and I share the same birthday, 4 years apart, but still the same day. So she came to my house and we painted our nails to match each other! We were both inspired to do blue and gold.

Lauren's Nails:

What Lauren used: Butter London Big Smoke, China Glaze Gr8, Milani Gems Gold, Sally Hansen Set The Stage.

Both hands! we did it kinda random, but they still match.

i love the little laser/star burst things we did. my first time trying that look.

My Nails:
 What I used: Essence Chuck, China Glaze Gr8, Milani Gems Gold, Sally Hansen Set The Stage.

SO there you have it! Due to.. birthday...partying... i will resume the challenge on Monday;)

PS!!! if you read my post about the OTHER 30 day challenge please note that i found the original owner of that list, and i'm updating that post to link back to her, but her blog is the sugar cube! check her out!!!!


  1. I love this!! I am putting it in my inspiration folder for sure!

  2. Love the colors you used! Such a cute mani. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend!

    I love that Butter London shade.

  4. they turned out really well! Happy Birthday btw!

  5. Thanks for all the birthday love!!

  6. wpw i love this. reminds me of my college colors. I might do this. hppay b-day


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