Monday, October 10, 2011

31 Day Challenge: Half Moon

Day 18: Half Moon. Half moon was the first 'nail art' I ever attempted, (see here!) so it sorta has a special place in my polish-lovin' heart. As does the color purple, Butter London, and, well, glitter. Also I haven't even used No More Waity Katie since i bought it long ago at the BOGO sale. so finally... i broke out the big guns. (i don't know why i just said that. possibly because my husband and i were watching Sons Of Guns earlier tonight...) like i was saying, what you are about to see combines 4 of my favorite polish possibilities!

What I used: Butter LONDON No More Waity Katie, SH Black Out
So this is one layer of NMWK over Black Out. The color may seem darker than how NMWK normally looks layered over itself.

What a beautiful polish!!!

Look at my poor nubins thumb. i rammed something under it the other day and it hurts to do clean up around it. pure acetone going under the nail... open would... skeeksecch!!!!

You guys, this half moon mani makes me so happy inside, i don't want to take it off tomorrow!!! D: I WANT THE WORLD TO SEE!!!!

Thanks for reading! I'm doing galaxy nails tomorrow. (yay, i get to compare my old galaxy to the new ones!)


  1. this is an amaaaaazing half moon! seriously amazing!!!!

  2. I actually really like the NMWK like this!!

  3. OOOOO! OMG! I LOVE NMWK over black!

  4. looks great! i have yet to try this look.

  5. half moons are the best! easy way to impress your non nail art friends. ;)

  6. I love that butter london- daymn I wish it wasn't so expensive! And the moons are SUPER crisp, love them- what did you use to get the edge so perfect?


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