Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 day challenge: Flowers

Day 14: Flowers! Well i've made it to day 14, two weeks! I had two options for flowers, freehand or konad stamp. i only have one plate with a flower on it, so i decided to try freehand. 
What I used: Sally Hansen Black Out, Kleancolor Pastel Pink,
Orly Flirty, Sinful Colors Happy Ending.

Since I have never done freehand flowers before I used  Rebecca Likes Nails tutorial which was great to go by, i highly recomend! 

I did a black background so it would have the 90's floral print dress look
(that is sadly back in style, oh my)

90's it up!

Hi Orly!

close up!

These were really fun to do! even though i don't have the BEST nail art brushes 
(i have old art brushes i found laying around my house) i made it work, and it turned out just fine! 

i would love to try them a little bigger so you can really tell what they are from a far, instead of looking like weird, pink jelly bean polka dots...right?

Thanks for reading, readers! <333

PS. I'll be posting my next giveaway later today. here's a hint...
On The Prowl, and glow in the dark!!!


  1. wow, the flowers look so beautiful!

  2. very cute! (and 90's) it would be neat to use the same technique for a tattoo rose look. :)

  3. Thanks!!!

    I was tempted to do the roses to match my tattoo, but i didn't want to had already painted my nails black, and i didn't think the dark colors would show up! (lazy)

  4. *but i had already painted* (there's not didn't want to about it!!! i wanted to!)

  5. I didn't know you had a tattoo, joy. :)

  6. so intricate! how long did this take? I've really enjoyed seeing your skills! :)

  7. Thanks Sara!
    Marsha, including waiting on the layers to dry about 1.5 hours. and thanks! one day i will post a picture of my tattoo... it's hard to take a good one myself, because it's on my back! paige! help!


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