Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All hail the queen dupe?

Not exactly, but we'll call them close enough to be kissing cousins. (read that on someone elses blog, and it made me laugh)

I've been wanting All Hail the Queen by Butter LONDON since i first saw it in stores, its beautiful. and pricey.
One day while searching over the same old polishes in the same old drugs stores something caught my eye it was Silver Taupe by CQ, a brand i've seen before but never really heard anything about. At 2.99 i bought it as a quick fix for my BL needs... swoon. 

I do think this is darker than ALTQ, but it's sooo close!

Butter London's were buy one get one free today, so i wore this polish to ulta so i could compare from the bottle. lets just say i didn't even bother to get All Hail the Queen :P

I mean, I probably should have.... but i just don't like to have similar polishes in my collection. what would you have done? 


  1. AHTQ has holographic glitter in it, but i think that might be the only difference:) very nice alternative though!

  2. yeah it wants to be AHTQ so badly!


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