Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nail party!!!!

This past Friday night I invited over a few of my best girly girl friends and we had a little 'nail party'.
we all picked our colors, did a little paraffin treatment, pushed back our cuticles and went for it!! since it was at night, the pictures are a little dark, but here's what we ended up with! 

Lauren's gold sponge and glitter over essie (i forgot the name!)

Katy's Newspaper print. harder than i thought it would be to get the ink to transfer.

Carly's halfmoon mani. it looked so fancy!

My polka dots! i kept messing mine up, but they turned out! that's my new julep pink.

Megan's free style teals with purple glitter.

Paige's blue nails with cat accent nail, painted by me.

We had lots of fun, and i will probably have a second one soon! have you ever thrown a nail party, or attended one? what all did you do? 


  1. i totally need to do this. it looks like a ton of fun:) i'm loving all of the beautiful manis that came out of it too!

  2. yes yes! i don't know who couldn't have fun doing their nails. :P

  3. Great idea! Don't think my friends would be up for it though :( And I think we'd end up with disaster nails from drinking too much wine...

  4. haha... so long as you have fun! :P


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