Friday, August 12, 2011

more stickers! and splatter time

tee hee, this weeks PAA Monday nail challenge or whatever it's called is a splatter man! and i could not stand to take these cute little anchors off my thumbs, so i did the splatter colors to match, whee whee whee!!!

PS. my awesome sister paige got me the coffee straws to do the splattering with. check out her blog because it is soo cute.

i used kleancolors pearl silver and sally girl white.

left hand

right hand

the silver i used was waaaay to running, it didn't splatter, it just, Plopped!

Thanks for reading...! btw, i'm almost at 50 followers, so giveaway time is almost here!


  1. Love this!! I haven't decided on my colors for the splatter but i love this!

  2. Thanks! i really wanted to do something brighter than this, but it did turn out neat!


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