Thursday, August 4, 2011

glitter sammy - trial and some error!

my first attempt at a glitter sandwich, and the ever popular glitter in the air recreation idea. Here we go!

 kleancolors pastel blue with party of five over it. (if you click though to the big image you can see where i smudged my thumb. oops!)

kleancolors pastel blue with party of five and starry silver glitter over it
(for some extra sparkles, ya know, tiny ones!)

everything i used, except i left out nicole sheer fun. that's what i put on top, for the sandwich!

with Sheer Fun over everything, one matte finger, ring finger. i ended up doing them all matte, bleh.

i tried nyc Scandalous Blue Glitter over these, and i actually like the look, in person.
i put milani cyberspace over my index finger, but that didn't look very good!

All in all i don't know if i even liked the look i was trying to recreate. i've heard it described as moldy milk or something by one blogger, and the more i look at it the more i agree.

but i DO like the sandwiching. must try more sammys!

Thanks for looking :D


  1. oooh. I think I liked the first version with just the glitter on top the best =)

    I think that's the NYC sheer blue I'm looking for! I have a really old almost empty bottle (no name) but its number is 104. Where did you get it??

  2. Awesome! It looks just like the deborah lippman one!


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