Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SAD FACE! Dead camera batteries.

Over the weekend, i tried a traditional white french tip mani for the first time since i've discovered SV and TAPE (oh tape, i love you) it looked amazing!! 

I also did a Ombre style mani with pinks. I almost did purples because i have the most of that color. but, they all seemed to be the same value, just different hues, does that make sense? 

anyway....  on both occasions my camera batteries failed me. :( Here's the best i can do from my iphone :D


  1. I'm so glad I have rechargeable batteries... My last camera didn't and they were dead ALL the time! The mani looks good though :)

  2. rechargeable, that would be so wonderful! i get those crazy expensive lithium batteries, they last a long time, but they do die eventually! thanks :D


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